Nat Spinz is a performance artist specializing in LED hoop dance entertainment, fire spinning, and teaching flow arts through hoop dancing classes. She teaches hoop dancing to students of all experience levels in and around the Greater Lansing area. Nat also performs with her LED and fire hoops for various Michigan events such as How-to Halloween, Michigan Nordic Fire Festival, CommUNITY Day, Harbor Fest and many more. In the summer, she hosts the Summer Fire Flow Jam Series behind Windwalker Underground Gallery in Charlotte. 


Her hoop dancing journey began after a long stretch of post-partum depression. After trying yoga, wire working, and various other hobbies, Natali came across hooping on her Facebook Newsfeed. She saw a video of a friend dancing with a hula hoop spinning around her shoulders, performing tricks, and having fun and decided to try it for herself. She was immediately captivated by the meditative nature of hoop dance, along with the challenge of learning new tricks. Hoop dancing has become a place for creativity and release for Nat and her intention is to share the playful nature of hoop dancing with her community and beyond!


You can learn more about Nat and her upcoming classes and events by visiting her website at www.NatSpinz.com or email NatSpinz@gmail.com

You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram as @NatSpinz

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School Assemblies

Learn about the history, physics, and health benefits of hoop dance through an interactive hoop ninja experience!