Sitting with My Lonliness

I read a meme recently where it said that basically we never truly "lose" ourselves. We're always there. “Finding yourself” is actually just returning to yourself. A matter of cleaning out the backroom, unlearning the impressions that the world has put on you, and remembering who you were before the world got its hands on you. (Emily McDowell)

I feel as though I've really lost connection with myself over the past couple years. And now I'm in a place where I've stripped myself of all the distractions, work, and toxic relationships... so much loss...

And now I'm left with myself. This past Sunday, I literally sat with my loneliness.

Loneliness tends to have a negative connotation to it, but I had to sit with that uncomfortable feeling - the boredom, resisting the urge to call or visit with a friend, nap, or go back to my , refrained from playing music or podcasts to mute the silence. I sat there and reflected.

And when I got sick of my immobility, I grabbed my hoop. And I released!

It's so funny how much stillness can unlock our true nature. When we don't have outward distractions, we can really get back to our true Self.

Nat, meet your old friend Nat. Remember her?